The correspondent hub for banks
UNITE Global

UNITE is the new hub for real-time payments and settlement, linking banks worldwide.

We make international payments faster, cheaper, more reliable and beneficial.

The UNITE network is a centralised correspondent hub for payments, established in partnership with a dozen major international banks.

The UNITE system is designed to reduce the complexity of the current payment infrastructure between banks.

UNITE’s streamlined and centralised payments process means that connected banks can enjoy real time delivery.

As well as payments between connected banks being made in real time, so is the related settlement.

Centralised processes and reduced complexity keep the cost of payments low.

The structure of the UNITE solution will allow connection to the network at a low cost.

The UNITE system allows more payment related information to follow payments to the beneficiaries.

The UNITE system allows more compliance information to follow payments and is available to the involved banks.

The centralised hub gives connected banks real-time cash management advantage (transfer, settlement and reconciliation).

Real-time payments, cash management and settlement with finality significantly reduces the related financial risk.

The UNITE system is available to banks worldwide. For maximum reach the system is connected to local country payment networks through our partner banks’ network, as well as SEPA/SWIFT channels.

The proven UNITE system is built around an established core banking system, providing the perfect solution to the challenges of legacy messaging systems.

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