UNITE Global White Papers and Short Notes

UNITE Global White Papers and Short Notes

UNITE is releasing a series of White Papers and Short Notes that cover matters around our business of cross border payments.

These papers are copyright free and designed to be informative and easily understandable by all, regardless of a reader’s background. The intention is to offer some very accessible insight into the issues around payments, and the solutions offered by UNITE.

We know that some readers will have an encyclopaedic understanding of banking, cross-border payments and associated technology, and others will be quite new to our subject. These reports are pitched to suit that very wide readership and, whatever your level of knowledge, we hope that there will be something for everyone amongst the publications, and that they stimulate discussion and aid understanding.

We hope you enjoy reading and welcome your feedback.

UNITE Global Whitepaper series.

UNITE Whitepaper series 01 | ‘Cut off from the World’

UNITE Global Short Notes

UNITE Short Notes series 01 | ‘Where's my money?’