Live and work in Fredrikstad

In today’s digitally interconnected world, surprising places are fast becoming the New Local. Fredrikstad, a historic Fortress town, located on the Glomma river where it meets the Skagerrak, is no exception.

Voted as Norway’s most attractive city

Voted Norway’s most attractive city in 2017, Fredrikstad offers our UNITE colleagues the ideal balance of work-life and leisure, just one hour south of Oslo. 

Fredrikstad is a unique, big city experience wrapped in a small town’s cosy atmosphere. It is a vibrant, growing city located in beautiful rural and riverfront surroundings; an ideal, friendly mix of town and idyllic countryside. Fredrikstad’s cosmopolitan amenities line the Glomma river quayside. They include beautiful new apartment developments, a modern cinema, shopping, leisure and fitness facilities, and smart bars, nightclubs and restaurants – all set happily alongside and in amongst unspoilt, historic buildings going back to the 16th century.  With a population of around 80,000 Fredrikstad is a bustling, lively place, without ever feeling crowded.

Well-priced accommodation, a safe environment and good local schools makes Fredrikstad an ideal place to bring up a family. An excellent public transport network, including free ferry routes, links with cycling and walking paths, making Fredrikstad a joined-up, family-friendly place. It is no backwater – the perfectly preserved, fortified old town is one of Norway’s most popular tourist attractions with quaint shops, museums, galleries, theatres and charming cafés. Outside of the city, there are many opportunities for exploring the surrounding natural environment using exciting bike paths and hiking trails. Fredrikstad is also ideally located to enjoy boating in the beautiful Hvaler archipelago, our version of the Florida Keys, boasting more sunny days than most of Norway and our first National Marine Park.

Did you know Edvard Munch’s life story began in Fredrikstad? Our city is spectacularly rich in culture and history. Every street corner has its own story to tell – fitting with our maritime past and present, we even have a Cathedral that doubles as a lighthouse.

You can find out more about Fredrikstad here:  But as the UNITE offices are right by the picturesque Fredrikstad railway station, on the main line between Oslo (1 hour) and Gothenburg (3 hours), why not come and experience Fredrikstad for yourself? You might find it is where you belong…