Work at Unite

A unique opportunity to work in a growing global company.

Unite Global

UNITE Global is an Norwegian payment institution, UNITE stands for Unified Network Integration for Transactional Execution. We are a global bank-to-bank hub for cross-border transactions and settlements in real time. UNITE is established in collaboration with a strategic selection of larger, international banks. The system is built to reduce the complexity in the current payment infrastructure between banks. Our streamlined and centralized payment process makes it possible for the connected banks to deliver transfers in real time.

Work in UNITE - a unique opportunity

As an employee you will be able to influence the development and future of UNITE. 

By participating in the development of the company, you will also experience great personal benefits in the form of learning and development. The Management in UNITE wants to include our employees in the operation and build the business as a community, and you will be involved in influencing your own workday. We want to create development through job rotation, and the employees will get trust and leeway. 

An employment with us will be an exciting journey with both big and small challenges along the way. There will be open communication, exchanging of ideas and sharing of competence between the management and employees. UNITE in an international company, and great opportunities will open up both here in Norway and internationally. We care about diversity in our employment and look for people in a wide age range, from both Norway and other countries. This gives you as an employee the opportunity to get to know other cultures and to build relationships across national borders. UNITE Global also offers a work environment with colleagues that are competent, cooperative and engaged, where the opportunity for both professional and personal growth are big. 

You will be part of a thorough and well thoughtful concept, where honesty and justice in the business relationship comes before generating profits. We focus on long term sustainability,  and do not prioritize short term profit.  UNITE Global wishes to create success with team spirit and a culture where we share – this includes sharing the profit. 

We are always interested to come in contact with skilled and engaged people. If you don’t find the position you are looking for, or we don’t have any vacancies advertised, just send us an open application. Tell us why you want to work for us and why we should meet with you, and we will contact you.